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Anonymous →   Gilinsky as a boyfriend?


  • "your eyebrows are never on fleek babe"
  • "finnegan!"
  • secretly vining him when he’s singing
  • "babe, you want jack or sam to come over? or just alone time?" -him
  • angry sex bc he gets jealous easily
  • inner thigh hickies
  • "why is your hand in your pants when mine could be there?"
  • car sex in his jeep
  • wearing his omaha / michigan / rcva sweatshirts
  • "babe where are your pants"
  • dancing like idiots / like no ones watching in public
  • "don’t put me in your snap chat story"
  • clothes shopping for the longest time
  • "you’re lucky you’re cute, you idiot"
  • cute couple screensavers
  • "i’ll make johnson yeet you into next week if you don’t stop"
  • "baby girl, you’re my princess" -him
  • wanting to cuddle each other 24/7
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Ooh baby

im wet

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This is physically painful

WHO DA FUK GAV U DA RIGHT??? WHO? WHO? Yeah no one!!!

what da fuk staph shit fuuuuuuuuuuuuuk

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eat my ass

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Stop just stop

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